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Serving Energy, Petrochemical, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing and Electrical Supply Industries Worldwide Since 1931

Gaffney-Kroese Supply Corp. is a global provider of industrial equipment, machinery, instruments, apparatus and supplies to all types of extractive, production and construction industries.

Sales offices and warehousing located in North America, the Middle East and Asia enable a prompt and accurate response to your inquiry and qualified sourcing helps your project stay on track.

Our experience in the oilfield, mining, electrical and mechanical construction, marine refining and hydrocarbon sectors means that you work with people who understand your requirements. Personal protective equipment, consumables and spare parts needed for plant maintenance and operation complete our offering.

Gaffney-Kroese Supply Corp. is a US corporation headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey.

Commitment to Quality     

History of Gaffney-Kroese

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