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Custom Service Loops for the Drilling Industry

At our Houston oilfield facility we manufacture a wide variety of service loops for the drill rig industry. Whether you require an encased service loop or a ladder style service loop, with parts, assemblies and components in stock we offer short lead times and quick deliveries. Additionally we can accommodate most emergency requirements.

Our service loop assemblies include:

  Power loops for AC and DC applications
  19 pin control loops
  42 pin composite control panel service loops
  37 conductor control panel service loops
  Hydraulic and pneumatic service loops
  Fiber optic cord sets
  Service loops built to manufacturer specifications or custom assemblies created to fulfill specific requirements

In developing this product we have worked extensively with experts and actual users in the field to provide significant enhancements over traditional designs. As a result, we’ve developed field-proven products that address many user concerns, and that can be adapted to the requirements of most any situation.

These ladder style supports can be used for all types of cable including power, control and fiber optic, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.

Our features include:

  Two sets of rope supports allowing for bracket separation while hanging in the derrick
  Deeper brackets increasing cable protection
  Padded spacers and molded fasteners for increased cable life
  Customizable brackets that can quickly be redesigned to fit any application

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