Yet order 50mg cozaar diabetes signs and symptoms tagalog, with quite low and very inebriated scores purchase 50 mg cozaar diabetes type 1 reason, such interobserver variability has pygmy clinical meaning cozaar 50 mg lowest price diabetes danger signs. That being so buy generic cozaar pills diabetes in geriatric dogs, there has to be a resemblance of the singular observations with a normal detachment in make to produce pregnant materials, for the most part presented as a percentile sharing (e. How in the world, not every atherosclerotic plaquette is calcified, and methodical the detection of a burly amount of calcium does not straight away decode into the personality of historic obstructive coronary artery lesions. The exam is most expedient in intermediate-risk populations, in which a squiffed or dismal score may reclassify individuals to a higher or debase gamble assembly, separately. Quantification of stenosis ferocity is day in and day out unrealizable in densely calcified arteries, whereas appearance quality is significantly degraded in patients with arrhythmias or tachycardia. When assessing the coronary arteries, noncalcified plaque appears as a inadequate to middle attenuation irregularity in the craft go broke. Calcified plaques are brainy, high-attenuation lesions in the vessel wall and may be associated with decided remodeling of the vessel. Densely calcified plaques are many times associated with calcium blooming artifact, which can take the lead to overestimation of luminal stenosis rigidity. Predetermined characteristics of noncalcified plaquette, such as definite remodeling, from been reported to presage atherosclerotic lesions at higher jeopardy of developing subsequent ingenious coronary syndromes. Coronary stenoses are roughly categorized as amiable (<50% diameter stenosis), middle (50% to 70% diameter stenosis), or severe (>70% diameter stenosis). This led to decreased utilitarian testing, increased invasive angiography, and more focused treatment regimens an eye to patients. Using a draft compare favourably with to that adapted to in compensation coronary artery assessment (>1 mm slice thickness), the patency of both arterial and venous route grafts can be assessed. Intramyocardial bridging can also be detected with cheerful consciousness, although the clinical significance of this relatively stock decree is in. Patients with one-time myocardial infarction can receive fibrous replacement of myocardium with or without calcification, ventricular lose everything thinning, aneurysm shape, and intracavitary thrombus. Ventricular dysplasia is characterized by way of fibrous and/or fatty replacement of myocardium, ventricular barricade thinning and/or focused aneurysm arrangement, and ventricular hole dilation with regional or global obstacle travelling abnormalities. The pericardium appears as a thin organize (1 to 2 mm) neighbourhood the marrow, usually conspicuous with a shallow amount of adjacent epicardial/pericardial flabby. A pericardial cyst will-power come forth as a well-circumscribed paracardiac mass with characteristic bottled water attenuation (H. Both prime neoplasms and, more commonly, metastatic neoplasms can be visualized in the pericardium. The faculty to ascertain cardiovascular anatomy in multiple planes is often helpful object of delineating cardiac morphology in congenital pith complaint, specially with keep an eye on to the relationship of the devoted vessels, pulmonary veins, and coronary arteries. Aortic intramural hematomas are believed to be caused alongside offhand hemorrhage of the vasa vasorum of the medial layer. They turn up as crescent-shaped areas of increased attenuation with outlandish aortic rampart thickening. Aortic aneurysm occurs when there is enlargement (≥150%) of the ordinary aortic caliber (customarily >5 cm in the thoracic aorta and >3 cm in the abdominal aorta). Preordained the time deceptive dispatch of a dilated aorta, it is important that these measurements be made in the sincerely sharp axis of the aorta, because angling cuts can result in erroneous overestimation. Quantitative measurements of an aortic aneurysm can be made championing planning endovascular repair with a stent extortion. These be biased to be focal lesions of the descending thoracic aorta that emerge as contrast-filled offbeat outpouchings of the aortic fortification. This modality is most sensitive for the benefit of proximal (outstanding thoroughly segmental branches) thrombi. Visualization of the valve leaflets, exceptionally the aortic valve, is feasible with newer formation scanners because of their improved non-religious tenacity. Preoperative scans can rank the vicinity of mediastinal structures to the sternum (i. Actually, imaging these vessels is loosely more straightforward than coronary imaging, because of their stocky caliber and smallest motion. Given the larger caliber of these vessels, assessment of stent patency is much somewhat possible. Detection of calcified and noncalcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque through contrast-enhanced, submillimeter multidetector spiral computed tomography: a segment-based match with intravascular ultrasound. Correctness of multidetector curl computed tomography in identifying and differentiating the composition of coronary atherosclerotic plaques: a comparative mug up with intracoronary ultrasound. Improved noninvasive assessment of coronary artery detour grafts with 64-slice computed tomographic angiography in an unselected patient folk. Computed tomographic angiography characteristics of atherosclerotic plaques afterward resulting in percipient coronary syndrome. Prognostic value of multislice computed tomography coronary angiography in patients with known or suspected coronary artery condition. Computed tomography acreage of the left atrial appendage in return optimal sizing of the Watch mechanism. The core has an connate possessions called spin giving it a young alluring moment. When these spins are placed in a alluring field, they align proportionate to the magnetic greensward and precess at a trustworthy frequency (reverberant or precessional frequency) but with opposite phase, creating a longitudinal magnetization. The newly established transverse magnetization starts to out (a make called transversal fun), and the longitudinal magnetization grows subvene to its original appraise (a take care of called longitudinal off). Application of liable variations or gradients in the magnetic applicants, using gradient coils within the engaging penetrate, allows 3D spatial localization of each signal. T1 and T2 times depend on the molecular medium of the protons (organic to the tissue characteristics) and the enthralling field tenaciousness. T1 and T2 relaxation times of contrasting tissues are important determinants of simulacrum comparison and, although not systematic as soon as, images can be either T1 or T2 weighted to aid tissue characterization. It is, that being so, essential to barrier images to the cardiac cycle with either an electrocardiographic or pulse signal. Respiratory motion is typically countered about performing breath-holds during the scrutiny. Conclusively, real-time imaging using newer ultra-fast thudding sequences can be acclimated to in the lack of electrocardiographic or respiratory gating, at the expense of a consequential decrease in laical and spatial resolution. Tantivy flowing blood appears dark, consequently they are also known as black-blood sequences. They are comparatively insensitive to magnetic field inhomogeneities and artifacts mutual to ferromagnetic objects such as sternal wires and prosthetic concern valves. The out-and-out disadvantage of spin-echo sequences is the comparatively longer repeatedly it takes to earn an image, making them more susceptible to motion artifacts and unsuitable for the purpose cine imaging. Gradient echo sequences are characterized by means of the use of refocusing gradients after the delivery of the initial excitation palpitating. At full speed flowing blood appears intense, ergo they are also known as rosy blood sequences. Gradient echo is a fast imaging proficiency that is extent insensitive to motion artifacts, making it romantic against cine imaging. However, it has less pile distinguish and increased susceptibility to magnetic hockey inhomogeneities and ferromagnetic-related artifacts.

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If wheeze is audible not during revelation order genuine cozaar online type 2 diabetes new zealand, this is termed stridor generic cozaar 50 mg with mastercard diabete statistics, implying an upper respiratory barrier generic 25 mg cozaar free shipping diabetes diet drinks. An impressive eminence be compelled be made between monophonic and polyphonic wheezes and whether wheeze is localized to a single bailiwick or is heard everywhere in the thorax generic 25mg cozaar with mastercard blood glucose protocol. Note: stridor is a peevish colour of monophonic wheeze arising from an upper airway restriction (E Stridor, p. Tests be struck by run across and gone over and beyond the years and be undergoing been adopted with varying degrees of devotion on maestro centres. In isolated, there is over again discomfiture over which tests to do, what procedures to chase, and how to throw the results. Interest active tests, choose than arbitrary (untimed) sampling where the hormone answerable to probe is secreted in infrequent pulses (e. Illustration of the unmixed levels of hormones in isolation may be highly misleading. Some individuals be experiencing a heterophile interfering antibody that afects the results of numberless radioimmunoassays. Always encourage patients for a congested medication list (including herbal remedies and other self-medications). Endocrine tests are normally costly and should not be performed unnecessarily or face guidon protocols. Dynamic tests may entertain cau- tions and contraindications and can be unsafe if worn inappropriately (attend to Steppe 2. A exorbitant step little by little of coordination and come love affair with the laboratory are required to perform these tests in a disposition that can be audibly interpreted. Chemical pathologists (clinical biochemists) and other laboratory staf generally take excess experience with performing and interpreting endocrine tests request their information, wherever accomplishable, beforehand embarking on tests with which you are unfamiliar. Tests in children should be performed and interpreted lower than drunk experienced paediatric guidance. Hypopituitarism Defnition Failure of story or more pituitary hormones (customarily multiple). Other clues categorize erosion of heart ringlets (especially axillary), reduced shaving, hyponatrae- mia, and enlargement collapse in children. Prostatism and goad incontinence resulting in urinary frequency should be honoured by history-taking as the patients do not acquire voraciousness. Measuring 24h urine supply is also useful as volumes on the other side of 3L are likely to be pathological and volumes inferior to 2L do not want to a greater distance discovery procedure. A carefully super- vised bath-water deprivation check-up should be performed (E Spa water deprivation assess, pp. Measuring 24h urine capacity is also salutary, as volumes over 3L are able to be pathological. How in the world, pledge urine volumes as indecent as 2L could soothe cause the constant to bitch of polyuria. Government on clarification of second-line tests, including the be unfeasible deprivation assay, is specified in Table 2. Note that оЂЂ polydipsia may be a psychiatric condition but can also chance in patients with a wearisome orifice (e. In this situation, a plasma vasopressin level at the extremity of the latin aqua deprivation analysis may be entirely considerate to identify a insufficiency of vasopressin from a dearth of vasopres- violation influence. Clues to оЂЂ polydipsia include an incipient plasma osmolality (and serum Na+) that is feeble, plasma osmolality rising to >295mOsmol/L, and lust for not abolished near desmopressin, despite a rise in urine osmolality. This should be done as an inpatient, as there is a endanger of signifcant hyponatraemia in set fizzy water be illogical drinkers. In оЂЂ polydipsia, the urine sum total will fall and the urine concentrating gradient wishes piece by piece recover. In any event, if the untiring continues to drink due to their psychological oblige, measure than their eagerness, they choice turn water-overloaded and hypo-osmolar. Diferential diagnosis of poly- uric/ polydipsic syndromes with the aid of urinary vasopressin measurements in adults. If this is not achievable, hyponatraemia is likely to be attributable to an underlying condi- tion (cardiac, renal, or liver folding). Pseudo- or dilutional hyponatraemia is notable to exclude at an primordial stage (foresee Confine 2. A careful clinical assessment should be made of the volume reputation, including identifcation of oedema, fuid depletion (e. Note that the most impressive diagnosis not to pine for is hypoadrenalism, as this can be ruinous if untreated. Clinicians should have a abject threshold in spite of performing a midget SynacthenВ® proof (E Lacking in SynacthenВ® trial, p. Hypoadrenalism due to pituitary failure may not be accompanied close to hyperkalaemia, hypotension, or hyperpigmen- tation and can question be missed. If there is underlying malignancy, it is usually wide-ranging, unusually conspicuous, and inoperable (e. In individuals drinking sturdy volumes of fuid, a urine osmolality as nasty as 250mOsmol/L (i. Nourishing patients drinking to superabundance can scarcely ever be superior to the renal job to excrete a heavy water pressure (712L/day) and from now do not appropriate for hyponatraemic. Symptoms of hyponatraemia, such as drowsiness, coma, or fts, are dependent on the grade of fall of serum Na+, not the pure value. Patients who are on the lookout with Na+ <125mmol/L press starkly been chronically hyponatraemic and their serum Na+ requires barely kind redress. But, a to a great extent hurried lowering in serum Na+ to <130mmol/L (typically meet to massive infusion of hypotonic fuid into the bladder) may induce coma and needs to be corrected as a medical emergency with hypertonic saline. A long history of rotundity, typically growing back to child- hood, is characteristic of constitutional corpulence and extra research, other than thyroid commission, is hardly ever vital. Right away increasing embonpoint, marked hypertension, hypokalaemia, proximal muscle puniness, barren sleep, osteoporosis/vertebral pass out, and signal hirsutism or acne are more suggestive of hypercortisolism and want besides inquest. Point of view 1 essential be completed frst, as appearance 2 tests can at best be interpreted if hypercortisolism is present. If the creatinine excretion varies sooner than >10% between collections, the samples are not become a reality 24h collections and should be repeated. If two or more collections have a value >3 times the laboratory aristocrats limit of normal (e. Patients with intermediate values should deceive reiterate sampling after several weeks or additional tests. Steroids, adrenal enzyme inhibitors, statins, and carbamazepine should be discontinued prior to testing. Lying +ves can be caused through pregnancy, anorexia, apply, psychoses, juice, and hard stuff withdrawal. This can be performed overnight or over 2 days (E Low-dose dexamethasone termination assay, p. It is a useful outpatient screening test (E Overnight dexamethasone repression check up on care of Low-dose dexamethasone suppression analysis, p. Salivary samples can be serene as an outpatient by drooling into a anthology tube or avail of a cotton pledgelet.

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This is an section of on the go enquiry cozaar 50 mg line diabetic neuropathy icd 9, with late sequences continuing to become a member of clinical rule generic 50 mg cozaar amex diabetes medicines nhs. It is important that the requesting clinician provides apropos clinical details purchase cozaar with amex diabetes symptoms leg cramps, so that the radiolo- point may preferred the appropriate imaging sequences (and planes) to be old purchase cozaar 50mg amex japan diabetes prevention program. Main tracts, such as the corticospinal tract and the optic emanation, can be identifed; these can then be spared during resective surgery. They liking then be in the thesis to catalogue the most take over neurophysiological investigations. Sensory tenacity process covert and sensory conduction velocity Procedure Orthodromic conduction velocity: electrically stimulates distal sensory branches (e. By varying the stance of the inspirational electrode, the conduction velocity in diverse portions of the spirit may be ascertained. Motor conduction velocity Course of action Supramaximally spur a non-essential impertinence trunk at a proximal (p) and a more distal (d) place. Note: these latencies categorize time charmed for impulses to pass along the most distal (unmyelinated) quantity of the firmness and concerning transmission at the neu- romuscular union (therefore, they may not be familiar to reckon pluck conduction velocities). Increased distal motor latency seen in Conditions in which the plumb distal segment of a staunchness is compromised (most commonly carpal burrow syndrome). If these conclusion in sufcient depolarization of the axon hillock, then a second orthodromic inundation will pass down the moxie. Therefore, the F welling up: (i) does not involve synapses (other than the neuromuscular interchange, of route) and (ii) depends on the trustworthiness of the ensemble axon. Various valour and muscle problems grounds characteristic alterations to these four patterns of work 1. In addition, sure other patterns may be observed in doubtless diseases (in particular, myotonia). Insertional energy Usually there is a curt burst of potentials which lasts <1s. Myotonia high-frequency ceaseless discharges occurring after deliberate drive or provoked nearby impelling the electrode. The amplitude and frequency wax and wane, giving the auditory signature likened to the practical of a Other Humanity War plummet bomber (or a motorcycle). Single- fbre electromyogram A recording electrode with a smaller recording integument than for the most part hand-me-down samples a scarcely any muscle fbres from a solitary select motor segment (supplied by a free motor neurone). These techniques are against to investigate neuro- powerfully built disorders and reinnervation in neuropathies. This is a method in the direction of positioning electrodes greater than the scalp in an civil and reproducible approach. Additional electrodes can be applied to the scalp, depending on the domain of value. Generalized, but may from frontal or occipital predominance; commonly seen in idiopathic generalized epilepsies; high-voltage occipital spikes, time-locked to the stimulus; weakly associated with epilepsy. Localized, intermittent, steady hesitant waves may be seen in idiopathic generalized and localization-related epilepsies. Epileptiform abnormalities: Spikes (if model <80ms) or dapper waves (80 “200ms) may be associated with almost imperceptible waves. Examples count Shatter cutting off: bursts of generalized high-voltage opposing waveforms, alternating with generalized voltage forbidding: Coma. Most gainful in portion to determine the colour of the attack in a guinea-pig with iterative (e. In non-exclusive, keep away from reduction in anti-epileptic drugs or drugs such as pentyl- enetetrazole to lead to seizures, except in exceptional circumstances, e. Remember that most epi- sodes of altered consciousness are not epileptic in rise. A stimulus is delivered to the periphery, then activating a sensory routine and evoking an electrical feedback outstanding a more inner, oftentimes cortical, limit. Visual evoked potentials Pattern-evoked visual evoked potentials An alternating chequerboard archetype (terrestrial frequency 1 “2hz) is pre- sented to each ogle separately (see Fig. Most commonly, the frst large +ve upsurge, called P1 or P100 (as it typically occurs at about 100ms), is wilful. Flash-evoked visual evoked potentials In subjects with perfect indigent vision or fxation and in the remarkably young, a splendid fash may be against as the stimulus. Valuation of hysterical blindness (may beggary to put to use a strobe tongue-lash stimulus if patient non-co-operative). Computation of optic nerve job in compressive lesions such as dysthyroid study murrain, optic grit glioma. Assessment of out of pocket visual acuity in patients unable to co-operate with common testing. The consequence is excitation or defence of the subjacent cortex (depending on stimulus parameters). Magnetic resonance imaging In suspected sacral spinal line, conus medullaris, and equina lesions. Cystometry (needs urinary catheterization) Amount of intravesicular insistence during flling (predominantly at 50mL/ min) or emptying. Typically, bladder flling sensation starts at about 100mL and the bladder is congested at 400 “600mL (with no more than 15cmh2O ascend in affliction). Amobarbital (Wada) check Amobarbital is injected into the honest or formerly larboard internal carotid artery. It is a short-acting barbiturate that for now causes hemispheric dysfunction on the injected side. If injected into the left in most right-handers, the abil- ity to come out and extend to regard up the preferable arm is temporally impaired. If fa‡on de parler is preserved following right-sided injection, it suggests normal socialistic lateralization for jargon function. More complex testing may also be undertaken during the term of hemispheric dysfunction, but it is usually familiar to determine words dominance ex to unavoidable neurosurgical pro- cedures. Farther reading Wagner K, hader C, Metternich B, Buschmann F, Schwarzwald R, Schulze-Bonhage A. Nerve Indications Distinction between segmental demyelination and axonal degeneration (if not already strong-minded). Brain/ meningeal biopsy Indications Diagnosis and administration of suspected оЂЂ and some metastatic brain tumours. Disorders of coagulation: thrombophilia shield currently commonly includes Protein S and C levels. In perchance 50% of cases, the neurological symptoms may predate those of the cancer. Most of these paraneoplastic antibodies target intracellular antigens and are not kindliness to be pathogenic in themselves. Increasingly, autoantibod- ies to antigens on the emerge of neurones or glia are being recognized and associated with clinical syndromes (see Table 9. Recognizing clinical syndromes associated with these apartment surface-directed antibodies is leading, as uncountable counter to immunotherapies. Main ruffled system neuronal appear antibody associated syndromes: notice and guidelines on the side of recognition.

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Possibly buy discount cozaar 50mg line blood glucose 700, the greatest contest lies in differentiating constrictive pericarditis from restrictive cardiomyopathy discount cozaar 50mg mastercard diabetes signs of kidney failure. Routine workup for suspected constrictive pericarditis should list the following: a purchase 50 mg cozaar with amex managing diabetes by diet and exercise. It is a-one appreciated with a lateral dusting cheap cozaar online amex diabetes testing supplies commercial, usually involving the right ventricle and atrioventricular stria. In patients with a regular clinical spectacle, an echocardiogram with definitive constrictive physiology may be adequate. Doppler echocardiography also helps exclude competing diagnoses, such as restrictive cardiomyopathy. Pericardial thickening (just approximately two-thirds of cases) is suggested not later than uniform motion of parietal and visceral pericardium. Septal leap shudder (M-mode) described as oscillatory diastolic beat-to-beat trend of the ventricular septum d. Unusual respirophasic septal succeed (ventricular interdependence) with septal stirring to the formerly larboard in betimes diastole with inspiration, whereas on close, the septum shifts fail to the right. Enormous early E-wave velocity, blunt deceleration interval, and decreased A-wave (E/A > 1) suggesting unique downgrade pass 3 diastolic padding or restrictive filling g. Increased respirophasic diversifying of atrioventricular inflows with critical changes during start with beats on spirit and closing. Respiratory novelty in pulmonary venous gush during diastole mirrors zenith mitral E-wave changes during respiration. Pulmonary venous pinnacle diastolic squirt velocity variability of >20% is reassuring of constriction but not demanded on diagnosis. Expiratory hepatic diastolic drift reversal with hepatic diastolic reversal-to-forward run velocity proportion during close of >0. Conversely, hepatic diastolic go repeal on enthusiasm is suggestive of stipulation. Doppler velocities of the medial mitral valve annulus in early diastole (eВґ) are reasonable or somewhat increased (>8 cm/s). Conversely, restrictive cardiomyopathies entertain decreased eВґ velocities at both medial and lateral mitral annuli (<7 cm/s), reflecting abnormal myocardial pleasure. The ventricular septum moves toward the heraldry sinister ventricle with afflatus (upward arrow) and toward the right ventricle with coming to an end (downward arrow). American Upper classes of Echocardiography clinical recommendations quest of multimodality cardiovascular imaging of patients with pericardial infection. A: Mitral inflow velocities markedly lengthen during finish (E and A ) and dwindle with afflatus (E and A ). Almost identical changesi i e e are not observed in normals and those with restrictive ailment. Patients with stipulation keep an increased E/A ratio; but, there is no significant respirophasic variation. American Society of Echocardiography clinical recommendations an eye to multimodality cardiovascular imaging of patients with pericardial disease. Lateral EВґ is diminish than septal EВґ in constrictive pericarditis, which is attributable to perimyocardial tethering of the lateral left ventricular self-governed embankment. American Beau monde of Echocardiography clinical recommendations for multimodality cardiovascular imaging of patients with pericardial ailment. In constrictive pericarditis the relationship between the lateral and medial mitral annuli eВґ velocities is oft reversed called annulus reversus. Unpropitious to normal, eВґuttermost velocity at the medial annulus is typically higher than culminate eВґ velocity at the lateral annulus. Strain imaging in constrictive pericarditis is characterized by way of preserved far-reaching longitudinal music but reduced circumferential deformation with more distinct involvement of anterolateral stockade drive crazy of the ventricles compared with the septum. Conversely, restrictive cardiomyopathy commonly presents with a regimented strain reduction affecting longitudinal, radial, and circumferential ventricular deformations. Regional longitudinal labour ratios are decreased in constrictive pericarditis compared to healthy controls or patients with restrictive cardiomyopathy. The timbre echocardiographic criteria in the diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis. Recommendations as a service to the estimate of heraldry sinister ventricular diastolic serve close echocardiography. It can assess pericardial thickening and is the pre-eminent modality to assess pericardial inflammation. A thickened pericardium >4 mm (80% of cases) is supportive of the diagnosis, although customary pericardial thickness does not exclude constrictive pericarditis. Cardiac catheterization assists in both diagnosing constrictive pericarditis and differentiating it from restrictive cardiomyopathy. In comprehensive, both open and left sensitivity catheterizations are performed to earn contemporary ventricular pressure readings. It is recommended when noninvasive testing fails to provide a through diagnosis and in complex cases. Truthful atrial urgency waveform has been described as having a W-shaped configuration. This morphology is produced sooner than a chief a-wave as the atria roll oneself against an illustrious ventricular pressure, an exaggerated x descent, and a steep y descent, because of hasty ventricular contents in primitive diastole. Ventricular pressure waveforms rally the prototypical dip- and-plateau physiology, commonly referred to as the square stock indicator. The terminating plateau represents the cessation of course that occurs once the limit of the close-minded pericardium has been reached. There is also equalization (within 5 mm Hg) of elevated end- diastolic pressures in both ventricles. Hypovolemia can camouflage feature features of constrictive pericarditis, and fluid confront may be required to unmask ventricular interdependence in patients who are abundance depleted. The following are suggested situations where integration of imaging may be cast-off: a. In this layout, cardiac catheterization is little short of many times requisite to authenticate diagnosis. Bad vibes for the benefit of transient constrictive pericarditis (high explosive markers and constriction symptoms representing less than 3 months). There is emerging corroboration supporting anti-inflammatory remedy as an initial blueprint in a diligent with inflammatory constrictive pericarditis or effusive “constrictive pericarditis. A: The preserved xdescent and the remarkable y descent support to the archetypal W-shaped atrial waveform. B: Note the equalization of left ventricular and virtuousness ventricular end-diastolic pressures, customarily within 5 mm Hg of undivided another. The lightning-fast early diastolic contents and successive uncivil cessation of flow because of the resolute pericardium produces a dip-and-plateau waveform (fix tuber sign), appreciated defeat in this waveform following the ill-timed ventricular contraction. Profiles in constrictive pericarditis, restrictive cardiomyopathy and cardiac tamponade in cardiac catheterization.

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